After a series of screening, Qingdao Kesong Food Co., Ltd. became the only designated topping cream supplier for the Qingdao Summit of the 2018 Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Qingdao Kesong Food Co., Ltd highly valued the importance and encouraged to go all out to ensure the needs of the summit and successfully complete the summit cream supply task. The outstanding product strength has been highly praised by the honored guests of the countries, and Qingdao Kesong Food Co., Ltd even won the "Shanghai Cooperation Organization Qingdao Summit Food Safety Guarantee Enterprise" and "2018 Shanghai Cooperation Organization Qingdao Summit Food Supplier" two heavyweight honors!

Qingdao Food and Drug Administration said in a thank-you letter to Qingdao Kesong Food: "The Qingdao Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which has attracted worldwide attention, has come to a successful conclusion. Qingdao Kesong Food Co., Ltd. is the food supply enterprise of Qingdao Summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Strictly abide by the confidentiality agreement, with high political responsibility and rigorous enterprise spirit, quality and quantity have successfully completed the glorious political task of food supply in a timely manner. The SCO summit in Qingdao is full of every production enterprise, each The hard work and dedication of the staff, I would like to thank your company for your full support of the work of the authorities during the summit."

As a representative of Qingdao's local high-quality development enterprises, Qingdao Kesong Food is the host company of this summit and the service provider of this summit. With the deep participation of this international platform, Qingdao Kesong Food not only shows the world the comprehensive strength of Chinese brands, but also demonstrates its responsibility and role as a Chinese topping cream company. Qingdao Kesong Foods is fully committed to contributing strength, adding color to this summit and contributing to national cooperation. From the raw material screening, production and processing, packaging and other aspects to develop a comprehensive service guarantee program, to serve the summit with the highest standards. In the end, we won the reputation of “2018 Shanghai Cooperation Organization Qingdao Summit Food Supplier”.

The 2018 Shanghai Cooperation Organization Qingdao Summit selected Qingdao Kesong Food as the sole designated cream supplier, which is another recognition of the quality of the sturdy and detestable products. Being a summit food supplier on the world's diplomatic platform is a glorious and historic opportunity for Qingdao's food. We always adhere to the brand pursuit of Chinese manufacturing, world quality and international standards, and strive to build Chinese cream products and win a wide brand reputation.

The 2018 Shanghai Cooperation Organization Qingdao Summit is the first summit held after the expansion of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. It is also one of China's important home diplomacy this year. It is an international event that attracts worldwide attention and spreads the world. Qingdao Kesong Foods Co., Ltd. fully served the Qingdao Summit, contributing to food safety, and handing over a satisfactory answer to the world, and showing the world the strength of China.

Qingdao Kesong Food Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of “2018 Shanghai Cooperation Organization Qingdao Summit Food Supplier”. This glory is not only to show the world a beautiful "Qingdao Business Card", but also to use the great influence of this summit and the "One Belt and One Road" construction opportunity to "sail the sea" and improve the Chinese brand’s international competitiveness and reputation!

History is destined to remember Qingdao in June 2018, with red tiles and green trees, blue sea and blue sky, sea breeze, high-pitched, and world-famous. The 2018 Shanghai Cooperation Organization Qingdao Summit is not only an opportunity for Shandong Province to take off, but also a new era for the development of Qingdao Kesong Food.

We will live up to expectations and become a leading company in China's topping cream enterprises. With the brand strength of “Made in China, world quality, and international standards”, we will promote the development of the baking industry and make greater progress in the economic and social development. Backed by national policies, relying on the international high-end platform of the summit, we will further accelerate the process of internationalization of enterprises, create more value, and let the world fall in love with Chinese cream!

Qingdao Kesong Food Co.,Ltd.is a professional manufacturer and export company of non dairy whipping cream. The products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Oceania and other countries, and the quality has reached the world's leading level.The company insists on customer-centered and is committed to innovatively researching and developing competitive products and services for corporate customers such as bakery, catering , store and supermarket etc.

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