Review of the theme exchange meeting of the Marketing Department of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Baking Industry Association

In order to strengthen the construction of the dealer team, promote the promotion of dealers in sales models and market services. On September 24th, 2019, the 2019 All-China Economics Marketing Department's planning theme exchange was hosted by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Baking Industry Association and co-organized by Qingdao Kezhen Food Co., Ltd. was held in Qingdao Xinghewan Hotel.


Mr. Ding Yong, Chairman of the Federation of Distributors of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Baking Industry Association, delivered a speech. He explained the theme of the conference and the main contents of the conference. He thanked Qingdao Keji Food for its strong support for this conference and hoped that all participants could return home.


Ding Yong, Chairman of the Federation of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Baking Industry Association Dealers


"Baked Impression" tutor, product manager, research institute founder Ji Yandong

At the exchange meeting, Mr. Ji explained the new development trend of the industry and brought out the topic of transformation and upgrading of dealers' business thinking and profit model in the new period. Focusing on the theme, it provides an in-depth analysis of how dealers should use new strategies to build new market segments that are in line with current development trends. And put forward the recommendations and learning section of the marketing product manager of the marketing department.

Dozens of dealers from all over the country participated in the exchange meeting, and the lineup of the industry exchange meeting was extremely strong. The event specially invited a group of influential baking elites, including the expert of baking and explosives, Mr. Ji Yandong, to share the development status and future development trend of China's baking industry. We have interacted with you in many aspects, and the lively atmosphere is not difficult to see. Everyone enjoys this happy learning process.

In addition to listening to the wonderful lessons of the lecturers, the exchange meeting can also see the 2019 autumn and winter new cakes that can be carefully prepared. The guests and the guests exchanged and communicated with each other, and they were impressed by the new cakes. They tasted with the picky taste buds and nodded frequently, showing strong cooperation intentions.




Exchange meeting

Qingdao can be seen in the autumn and winter of 2019 new cake show

Qingdao can combine innovative raw materials with explosive products to showcase the delicious taste of various products. Among them, the Portuguese egg tart made by the first pure cream egg tart liquid (named baked whipped cream) won the praise of the guests for its soft taste and rich milky taste.

The famous baked whipped cream is made from imported cream, pasteurized fresh egg yolk, and carefully formulated. Add a layer of crispy egg tart, crispy and smooth, and the entrance is instant.

Qingdao can be made in the autumn and winter of 2019. The new cake is made from Qi pure fresh milk cream. Qi pure fresh milk cream contains more than 38% milk, Aussie imported whipped cream, select 7 days of shelf life fresh milk, pasteurized fresh milk, stability ratio Traditional cream is 50% higher. The palate is full-bodied and full-bodied.

As the sole supplier of cream products of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Qingdao Summit, it has the well-known high-end cream production and export enterprise of the top three intelligent unmanned factories in Asia, and also the co-organizer of the event, the manager of Qingdao Kewei Food Marketing Department. Yu Ping actively shared the unique baking concept and proposed that the goal is to bring quality products and services to customers, to achieve win-win cooperation and common growth. Especially after everyone visited the smart unmanned cream factory, I felt a lot. From the feeding, mixing, filling and packaging to outsourcing, packing and palletizing, the whole process uses intelligent robots instead of labor, and realizes the whole process of automation. The hardware mix, the workflow, and the service concept in the warehouse are all valuable gains in this training trip.


Yu Ping, Manager of Qingdao Kewei Food Marketing Department, exchanges and shares

The Baking Association organized this exchange to allow the guests to experience the latest baking ideas and sharing, and to show the theme of the exchange, the enthusiastic exchanges and interactions between the guests, and the appreciation of the bakery products. The Baking Guild Marketing Department plans. The theme exchange meeting came to a successful conclusion. Qingdao Kezhen Foods will continue to combine the specific conditions of the baking market to provide customers with more quality and innovative overall solutions and high-quality products, leading the baking industry, understanding customers, and becoming more specialized and refined. Forward! Gather your heart and win the future!

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