​Retirement home love charity

Retirement home love charity


The old man and the old man, paying attention to the old man today, is also caring for tomorrow.

As a loving enterprise with a strong humanistic atmosphere and dedicated to the society, Qingdao Kezhen Foods adheres to the belief of inheriting virtues and giving back to the society. For more than ten years, it has been silently adhering to public welfare undertakings.


Passionate Chongyang | Companion is the longest waiting

Their stories always need someone to listen to

Their laugh always needs someone to shoot

Their voice always needs someone to record

Today, we come for them

Passionate Chongyang Festival


In order to carry forward the traditional virtues of respecting the elderly and respecting the old, advocating the volunteer spirit of mutual assistance and dedication, and actively undertaking corporate social responsibility, on October 7, 2019, Qingdao Kezhen Food Co., Ltd. loved to participate in the Chengyang Social Welfare Center, respecting the elderly and comforting the elderly. Send warmth to the nursing home!

On the day of the event, Qingdao Kezhen Foods went to the Chengyang Social Welfare Center with a condolence gift. And with the old people who celebrated their birthday in October, they made a big birthday cake. The atmosphere was lively and warm.



Making big cakes on the spot

“This time, the cake is made with xylitol sugar-free vegetable cream, free of sucrose and starch sugar, free of lactose, cholesterol and animal fat. You can rest assured...” After handing the cake to the elderly, the old man listened Frequently nodded, full of smiles, and boasted: "Thank you for your children, so you can rest assured that I have always loved sweets, and I don't dare to eat too much when I am older."

The xylitol sugar-free vegetable cream - this cream is characterized by no sucrose and starch sugar, no lactose, no cholesterol, no animal fat. It conforms to the modern people's health concept and is also suitable for people with diabetes. It is also suitable for some parents who do not want their children to eat polysaccharides, which will cause harm to the body and fear of long tooth decay. This product uses xylitol, which will not cause harm. It will benefit the body and satisfy the distress of diabetics who are afraid of eating sugar. It can be said to be suitable for all ages.

We cut the sweet and delicious big cake and gave it to every old man in the room. The old people ate very well. One of the aunts kept taking pictures, and said that he would send it to his son to let her know that she was very good here. Today she ate such a beautiful big cake.

It coincided with one of the grandfathers’ birthdays. He deliberately put on a festive Tang suit and watched the happy faces of these weather-beaten old people with a happy smile. We also laughed.

Before the end of the activity, the staff will carefully organize a gift bag representing love and distribute it to the hands of every old man. At the same time, the old people should pay attention to taking care of the body and wish them a healthy and long life and a happy life.



In fact, we all know that these elderly people are not lacking in material resources, but in the inner spirit. They don't ask much, just hope that our children can go to see them often and chat with them so that they don't feel lonely.

"Old and old, and old people; young and young, and young people." Dedicated love, harvest and growth, in order to make lonely old people not alone. With the most sincere smile, the most sincere greetings, give love and spread good deeds. While serving the society, Qingdao can also give back to the society with a small amount of power, care for the vulnerable groups around, so that they can truly enjoy their old age and build our harmonious family. Everyone picks up firewood and hopes that more loving partners will join the charity event, start from the side, try to go home as much as possible, stay with their parents, take care of the people who need help, let us put hands Come, pass the warmth, pass the hope.

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